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Welcome to my blog! Firstly, thank you for reading, and secondly, I hope this becomes a place where you like to check in often.  My name is Emily DeVoie, food lover, political scientist, history lover, and life-appreciater, and I would love to take you with me (at least as much as possible through your screen) on my journey through life, which is currently comprised of cooking delicious food inspired by my travels to Cuba and winding my way through growing up.

Every recipe is really a story, a story with varied and complicated components.  Any one recipe’s components tell a little bit about where the original recipe originated, where it’s gone, and who is cooking it.  I want to tell a little bit of that story along with providing you an no-fail recipe that will become part of your recipe arsenal.

I hope to give you some great Cuban-inspired recipes and their back story, tell you what I’ve learned as a young millenial, and connect with you as a reader.  Feel free to drop me a line any time!



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